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  • Pagination
  • Detail Pages
  • Dynamic Sites
  • Export to CSV, JSON

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1,000 page requests

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  • Pagination
  • Detail Pages
  • Dynamic Sites
  • Export to CSV, JSON
  • Up to 10 Parallel Runs
  • Scheduling
  • Automatic Data Delivery
  • API soon
  • WebHooks soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a page request?

A page request represents a web page processed by the cloud scraper. Depending on the pagination method, this can be:

  • a new URL
  • the page scrolled down once to load more data
  • the "Load more" button clicked once
How does the free trial work?
The free trial allows you to test out the cloud service. After signing up and confirming your account, you'll get 2000 pages that you'll need to use up in 14 days.
What happens after the free trial ends?
Once the free trial ends, you may upgrade your account to continue running scrapers in the cloud. You can do so directly from within your Settings page.


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