Extract web data visually at scale

DataGrab is a fully managed web scraping service that automates data extraction from a variety of web pages, allowing you to set up your scrapers easily by clicking and selecting elements.

How It Works

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DataGrab extracts raw data from any web page.

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Various transformations are applied to clean up the data.

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Data is exported in CSV, Excel or JSON.

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DataGrab delivers your data via email.


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Visual Setup

Set up your scrapers visually by clicking and selecting elements. No coding needed.

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Scrape through all pages of a listing by following the links to the next page.

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Detail Pages

Scrape the detail page of each product in a listing, link them to the listing pages.

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Dynamic Sites

Scrape sites that employ Javascript techniques like infinite scrolling, clicking to load more, etc.

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Incremental Scraping

Scrape only new data from listings like product reviews, forums, etc. on each run.

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Schedule your scrapers to run automatically every hour, day, week or month.