Extract web data without coding

DataGrab automates data extraction from any webpage, allowing you to set up your scrapers easily by clicking and selecting elements.

Ideal For

... a variety of use cases

lead generation

Lead Generation

Extract high-quality leads from yellow pages, social networks.

price monitoring

Price Monitoring

Adjust your pricing to have an edge over your competition.

real estate

Real Estate

Make the right investment based on recent data.

data aggregation

Data Aggregation

Assemble large data sets from multiple sources.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Train your sentiment analyser or predictive model.


And More!

Suitable for pretty much any data need you'd have.

How It Works

Easy workflow that saves you hours if not days.

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Set up your scraper using the Chrome extension.

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Run it in your browser or in the cloud.


Pages behind login

Get past CAPTCHAs

Sites won't block you


Schedule your scrapers

Automatic data delivery

Data retention for 7 days

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Download your data in CSV or JSON format.


... tailored to your needs

visual setup

Visual Setup

Set up your scrapers via a point-and-click interface. No coding needed.



Scrape through all pages of a listing by following the links to the next pages.

detail pages

Detail Pages

Combine the data scraped from a listing page and the detail page of each item.

dynamic sites

Dynamic Sites

Handle sites that use JS techniques like infinite scroll, "load more" button, etc.



Schedule your scrapers to run automatically every hour, day, week or month.

automatic delivery

Automatic Delivery

Get your data delivered automatically via email in CSV or JSON format.

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